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Ever wonder where your emails end up? With Inboxy’s free inbox placement test, you can eliminate the guesswork. Get insight into which folder you’ll land in and scale your email campaigns with confidence.

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Our inbox placement test takes less than 2 minutes


Send a blank email to

Send a blank email to There’s no need to include anything in the subject line or body of the email. Just send the email – as easy as that.

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Reply back to the email and get your inbox placement score

You’ll receive an email within a minute. Just reply back to the email and NO need to type anything in the subject or body.


Receive detailed inbox placement test insights

Within less than a minute, you’ll get a detailed breakdown of your inbox placement score and domain configuration status. Enjoy insights into where your emails land all in the matter of 3 easy steps.

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What makes our inbox placement test unique?

Our inbox placement test offers several distinct benefits that separates us from other solutions in the market.

Completely free tool

Unlock the power of optimal email deliverability with Inboxy’s Inbox Placement Test, a tool that won’t cost you a dime. Experience firsthand how your emails perform without any financial commitment.

Inbox Placement Rate

Understanding your inbox placement rate is pivotal to successful email campaigns. Our tool provides insights into where your emails land – be it the primary inbox, promotions tab, or spam folder, allowing you to take actionable steps to improve deliverability.

Automated placement test

Say goodbye to manual checks and streamline your email testing process. With our Automated Placement Test, receive instant results on your email’s placement, saving you time and effort.

Increase email open rates

By ensuring your emails land directly in the primary inbox, our placement test can significantly elevate your open rates. Higher visibility translates to better engagement and improved campaign outcomes.

Email sender reputation

Your sender reputation influences where your emails end up. Regularly monitoring and optimizing your reputation can significantly enhance the success of your email campaigns.

Email campaign optimization

Harness the full potential of your email campaigns. With Inbox Placement Test, you can fine-tune your strategies, optimize content, and ensure maximum engagement and conversion.


Don’t risk leaving your emails to chance

Every email counts. A misplaced email can mean a missed opportunity, a lost sale, or a disconnected customer. With the stakes being high, our inbox placement test provides you with the insight and control you need to ensure your emails land exactly where they should.

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Pinpoint and resolve email deliverability issues early

No more having to guess or sift through endless possibilities as to why your emails aren’t delivering in the inbox. Our inbox placement testing tool allows you to pinpoint and diagnose potential deliverability issues in advance before you send out thousands of emails for your campaigns.

Receive data-driven insights with our inbox placement test

Our advanced testing tool and comprehensive seed lists provide you with a detailed view of your email performance across several mailbox providers.

Spam filter testing

Using our testing solution, you can accurately assess the spam filter impact on your inbox placement and what folder you land in.

Inbox Placement Score

Receive an accurate breakdown of your inbox placement score with popular providers like Google and Microsoft.

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Don’t risk leaving your emails to chance

Every email counts. A misplaced email can mean a missed opportunity, a lost sale, or a disconnected customer. With the stakes being high, our inbox placement test provides you with the insight and control you need to ensure your emails land exactly where they should.

Our Performance Speaks For Itself

Send More Emails. Generate More Leads. Make More Money.


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Start taking charge of your inbox placement
with our IP Warm Up Service

Managed Email Scaling

Gradually increase your email volume from a new IP to establish a trustworthy reputation with ISPs, enhancing your overall email deliverability.

AI-Powered Engagement

Simulate genuine email activity through advanced AI, such as opening emails, shifting them from SPAM to primary inbox, and even responding.

Performance Monitoring

Continuously track email performance and adapt sending patterns based on changes in deliverability and response rates to consistently land your emails in the primary inbox.

Domain Score IQ™

Maintain an optimal domain reputation by comparing your metrics against our database and ensuring the best possible deliverability at all times.

Inbox Compatibility

Whether you’re using Gmail, Outlook, Office365, or a custom SMTP, our service integrates seamlessly, providing you the convenience you need.

Easy Set-Up

Sign up, choose your subscription, and start warming up your IP. It’s as simple as that.

Damage Control

If your email reputation is damaged, our system can help repair it by positively interacting with your emails, moving them from SPAM to inbox.

Scheduled Warm-Up

Set your preferred IP warm-up schedule and let Inboxy handle the rest, ensuring a smooth and efficient warm-up process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inbox Placement is a critical factor in the success of email campaigns. If emails land in the spam folder or an unexpected tab, they may go unnoticed, leading to lower open rates, engagement, and ultimately, ROI. Proper Inbox Placement ensures that your emails are visible to the recipients, increasing the chances of them being opened and acted upon.

Performing an Inbox Placement Test is a crucial step in understanding where your emails will land (e.g., inbox, spam folder, specific tabs) before sending them to your actual recipients. Here's how you can perform an Inbox Placement Test with Inboxy:

  1. Send an Email to Inboxy: Simply send an email to This email will act as a sample for the test.
  2. Receive Your Deliverability Score: Inboxy will analyze the email, considering factors like authentication (DKIM, SPF, DMARC), content, and more. You'll receive a deliverability score that reflects how likely the email is to reach the inbox.
  3. Access Detailed Insights: Along with the score, you'll receive insights into various aspects of the email, such as why it might land in the spam folder or specific tabs. This includes a detailed analysis of the email's header, content, and authentication setup.
  4. Make Necessary Adjustments: Based on the insights provided, you can make targeted adjustments to improve deliverability. This might include rewriting subject lines, correcting authentication misconfigurations, or other specific actions.
  5. Utilize Additional Features (Optional): If you choose to explore Inboxy's premium options, you can access additional features like comprehensive seed lists, real-time verification, and expert support to further enhance your email campaigns. Sign up here (hyperlink to sign up page) 
  6. Repeat as Needed: You can perform Inbox Placement Tests as often as needed to continually monitor and optimize your email deliverability.

Yes! Inbox Placement Testing is a vital component in improving email deliverability. By providing a clear understanding of where emails are likely to land and why, it allows you to identify and address issues that might lead to poor deliverability. Whether it's tweaking subject lines, adjusting content, fixing authentication issues, or understanding how different mailbox providers handle emails, Inbox Placement Testing offers actionable insights. Inbox Placement Testing helps in ensuring that emails reach the inbox, improving overall deliverability and campaign success.

Improving Inbox Placement involves strategies like maintaining a clean email list, using proper authentication, creating engaging content, and more. Inboxy's inbox placement test provides specific insights to guide improvements.

Conducting an Inbox Placement Test yourself can be complex and time-consuming, as it requires access to monitored inboxes across various ISPs and email providers. Most businesses prefer to use specialized service providers such as Inboxy who have the necessary tools and expertise.

  • Conducting the test yourself requires significant resources and expertise.
  • Many specialized service providers offer Inbox Placement Testing as a part of their suite of email marketing tools.
  • Service providers like Inboxy have the necessary tools and expertise to conduct the test efficiently and provide actionable insights.

Inbox Placement Testing can be a complicated process, and following best practices can lead to more accurate and actionable insights:

  • Utilize Comprehensive Seed Lists: Test across a diverse range of global mailbox providers to get a representative view of email performance.
  • Analyze Authentication: Ensure that DKIM, SPF, and DMARC are configured correctly.
  • Test Different Email Types: Consider testing both transactional and promotional emails, as they may have different placement strategies.
  • Iterate and Optimize: Use the insights from the test to make continuous improvements, testing regularly to keep up with the changing email landscape.
  • Choose the Right Tools: Select testing tools like Inboxy that provide detailed analysis, real-time verification, and expert support.

You can try Inboxy's Inbox Placement Test for free by sending an email to This provides a deliverability score and insights for Inbox Placement Rate analysis.