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Who we are

Inboxy is dedicated to revolutionizing email marketing. We work closely with innovative tech companies and forward-thinking B2B enterprises, empowering them to disrupt their markets with our sophisticated email warm-up solution. Driven by AI, Inboxy offers innovative solutions and robust technology that are transforming the landscape of email marketing.

What we do

We offer an AI-powered email warm-up solution designed to ensure that your emails land right in the primary inbox of your target audience. Inboxy platform utilizes a sophisticated blend of technology to boost your business communications and help you close more deals. Within just 14 days of signing up, you can experience significant improvements in your email campaigns.

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What makes unique?

Headless Management

Inboxy employs a unique combination of a private network of headless browsers and AI. This, along with our proprietary Inbox Supercharger™, provides a staggering 700% surge in interactions on your outbound messages.

Live Inbox Activity Tracking

Our cutting-edge AI tool meticulously tracks live inbox activity, allowing for automatic adjustments in sending metrics. This intelligent feature helps to evade any potential restrictions, ensuring optimal email deliverability at all times.

Domain Score IQ™

With our Domain Score IQ™, we continuously monitor and compare your domain’s reputation metrics against our database. This protects your domain reputation and ensures that your emails consistently reach the primary inboxes of your ICP.

Enjoy Better Deliverability in 7 Days or Less

With Inboxy, you can achieve 100% Inbox Placement Score, up to 70% Email Open Rate, and a 32% Response Rate. Sign up today and transform your email marketing strategy.